stretch marks              
wrinkles & fine lines
dry hair
split ends
fly aways
restores natural moisture to your hair
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    For all skin and hair types, our Pure Organic Argan Oil is free from any additive. On the skin it will hydrate, regenerate and work as an anti wrinkle application. Pure Argan Oil will assist in reducing pimples, dry cracked skin, breakout scars and scaly patches.

    On your hair it is the perfect remedy for dry, split ends and will assist with taming any frizz.


    Mana - "Dear Marocaine, I live in Japan. I bought your product, Marocaine Argan Oil, in Australia when I visited there and I love it".

    Helen - "I bought a bottle of your argan oil at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in Melbourne and it is just divine. I have been telling everyone about it so hopefully will be spreading the word. I have some on my skin and even someone commented that I smelled like a summer holiday.. Love the product".

    Shannon - "Hello, I recently bought some of your Marocaine argan oil from your stall at the Vic Night Market...I absolutely love it and use it every day and night (mixed with either foundation for day or moisturiser for night)".

    Shakila - "I purchased your argan oil during the summer at Victoria Market and I absolutely loved it!"

    Alice - "Hello, I have been using your argan oil on my face every night since December 2013 and I love this product, thanks, thanks, thanks :-) ".

    Karen - "I love the Pure Organic Argan Oil. I no longer have brittle thin nails".

    Odette - "I am using ur products and they are amazing!"

    100% pure argan oil
    Certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the European Union (EU)
    Natural prime antioxidant
    Rich in omega 6 & 9
    Rich in vitamin E
    Rich in natural fatty acids
    Free from any additive whatsoever

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